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Overall Winner of the 2019 PenCraft Awards for Literary Achievement in a Nonfiction book. Left for Dead at Nijmegen is the PenCraft 2019 Nonfiction Book of the Year.

Siebe Postma played the role of Gene Metcalfe in a re-enactment of 17 September 1944.

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This is Gene receiving the Orange Lanyard of the Military Order of William.
Close-up of Gene’s awards received in a special ceremony on 16 August. The Orange Lanyard has joined them.

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Gene being congratulated by Charles, Prince of Wales.

Amazon offers LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGEN for only $22.37! LINK:  HTTPS://WWW.AMAZON.COM/GP/PRODUCT/1612006965

“The author has researched and studied this subject in great depth, his knowledge and ability to engage and keep the interest of the reader is accomplished and proficient. Army Rumour Service, 20/06/2019 (United Kingdom)

Amazon offers LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGENfor only $22.37! LINK:  HTTPS://WWW.AMAZON.COM/GP/PRODUCT/1612006965

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Fresh from Paratroop School, Gene visits home in approximately January, 1944. That is his mom in the doorway.

“Very Riveting” Herbert Bauernebel, American Correspondent for the German periodicals BILD and amerikaREPORT.

Gene Metcalfe hands over an autographed copy of his book to Brigadier General Maas, Commander of the 13th Light Brigade, Royal Netherlands Army, near Nijmegen, Holland. 18-09-2019

Amazon offers LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGENfor only $22.37! LINK:  HTTPS://WWW.AMAZON.COM/GP/PRODUCT/1612006965

“Dear Mr. Nannini, I’ve just read your book ‘Left for dead at Nijmegen’. The story of Gene Metcalfe is really amazing and beautifully written. I salute you for keeping his brave history alive! Yours sincerely, Harry Hekman, Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Military Police, (Koninklijke Marechaussee) The Netherlands”.

Gene spent numerous hellish months at Stalag VII-A.

Amazon offers LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGEN for only $22.37! LINK:  HTTPS://WWW.AMAZON.COM/GP/PRODUCT/1612006965

“The writing is direct, simple, and honest, relaying the same feeling that you get from the main character. Left for Dead in Nijmegen, written by Marcus A Nannini and published by Casemate, a resounding recommendation to readers of historical novels.”   … “Nannini dutifully constructs images and characteristics of the POW camps that his subject was forced into that were previously unknown. This work, therefore, is as important to historical study of the period as it is a riveting and fascinating tale.”  Literary Titan, July 12, 2019.

Gene Metcalfe with the Chancellor of the Dutch Military Knighthood, Major General (ret.) Morsink the morning of 19 September 2019, at the Chancellery of The Netherlands. 75 years ago to the date, Gene was on his way to Stalag XII-A outside Limburger, Germany. He would risk his life to save that of a fellow paratrooper while there.

Coming in Spring 2020: NINE MEN DOWN, Morality, Spirituality and Duty to Country Clash during World War II, followed in Fall, 2020 by MIDNIGHT FLIGHT TO NUREMBERG, From the Coal Mines of Pennsylvania to the Explosive Skies over Nazi-Occupied Europe. Check here for updates.

Amazon offers LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGENfor only $22.37! LINK:  HTTPS://WWW.AMAZON.COM/GP/PRODUCT/1612006965

Gene with Monique-Hekman-Landwier of the Netherlands Royal Army.

Amazon offers LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGENfor only $22.37! LINK:  HTTPS://WWW.AMAZON.COM/GP/PRODUCT/1612006965

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