Gene quit high school and joined the paratroopers only to find himself wedged between machine-gun toting “SS” fanatics while being interrogated by the notorious Nazi, Heinrich Himmler.

We are seeking definitive evidence of the whereabouts of the Reichsfuhrer, Heinrich Himmler, during the late night hours of 17/18 SEPTEMBER, 1944, the first day of Operation Market Garden. We very much want to hear from you.


Als je weet waar Herr Himmler was op 17/18 september 1944, stuur me dan een e-mail naar

Wenn Sie wissen, wo sich Herr Himmler am 17./18. September 1944 befand, senden Sie mir eine E-Mail an

Kurz nach der Operation Market Garden hatte Heinrich Himmler angeprangert, er habe gerade die gesamte Westfront von Nord nach Süd bereist. Wir suchen jemanden, der bei seiner Reise nach Nijmegen in den Niederlanden am 17. September 1944 bei ihm war oder ihn gesehen hat.

Wir suchen endgültige Beweise für den Verbleib des Reichsführers Heinrich Himmler in den späten Nachtstunden des 17./18. September 1944, dem ersten Tag der Operation Market Garden. Wir möchten sehr gerne von Ihnen hören.

LEFT FOR DEAD AT NIJMEGEN, the True Story of an American Paratooper in WW II  ISBN: 978-1-61200-6963

1944-2019 Marks the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden.

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Flying from Berlin to Nijmegen after sunset on September 17, 1944, and returning as the sun rose the following day with fresh intelligence on Operation Market Garden when Himmler would have reported directly to Hitler. No doubt Hitler would have taken the credit that was due Himmler when Hitler announced Market Garden was a prime opportunity for a badly needed victory over the Allies on the Western Front.

Did Heinrich Himmler fly in one of the above to Nijmegen and back, bringing a first-hand account to Hitler regarding Operation Market Garden as his desire to win an Iron Cross was running out of time?

Even if himmler had to fly from the Wolfsschanze. rather than from berlin, he could have quickly gone to the Luftwaffe airfield at Rastenburg and hopped a 320 mph radar-equipped twin-engine bomber and been to Nijmegen well before Gene was captured. I seek anyone who was there in 1944, in the presence of Heinrich Himmler. I desire a dialogue with them. Please email me at:

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Heinrich Himmler flew into Nijmegen the first night of Operation Market Garden to gather first hand information on the Allied offensive. The following day Adolf Hitler decided it was an opportunity for a German victory and transferred at least 1,000 fighter planes to the area.
Heinrich Himmler is on the far left.
Heinrich Himmler is second from right.
Heinrich Himmler is on the far left.
Heinrich Himmler is on the far left.
Heinrich Himmler is on the left.



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