The Secret Mission to Snatch the Man Who Put Adolph Hitler into Power.

I sent a pre-publication copy out for some input. Here are some results:

We found the narrative compelling” Julie Huggins, Assistant Editor, Smithsonian Books.

From: Dave Williams

To: Marcus A. Nannini

Subject: Midnight Flight to Nuremberg

WOW! I don’t know what else to say. All through this book it felt like I was right there with Harry. It was amazing. Another home run. I Can’t wait for the next book!” Dave Williams

                                 Harry, you will be missed.

Born into a multi-generational coal mining company, young Harry proved to be a risk-taker at a young age. When he turned 18 the lure of a poster from the United States Army Air Corps proved too much to resist. Before he was 20, he’d be the youngest flight instructor on the base with an already proven record of taking risks when necessary and for being a uniquely qualified pilot.

It took him exactly one mission to demonstrate his bravery, piloting, navigational skills, and having a knack for knowing when taking a chance was warranted. Thereafter, whenever a pilot was needed for a mission probing deep into the enemy lines, Harry was the man they called on

You’ll find yourself in Harry’s shoes and experiencing the same chills he did. This is not your run-of-the-mill World War II Pilot story.

Table of Contents

              CHAPTER TITLE                                                  

  1. Courtney, Pennsylvania                                                                                                   
  2. Growing Up                                                                                           
  3. “You’re in the Army Air Corps Now”                                                              
  4. Aviation Cadet Class 43E                                                                     
  5. Basic Pilot Training                                                                                
  6. Advanced Pilot Training                                                                     
  7. Bergstrom Army Airfield                                                                    
  8. The Northern Route                                                                            
  9. Greenham Common, England                                                             
  10. Blood Run To Orly                                                                                  
  11. Fueling Patton’s Tanks                                                                        
  12. Operation Market Garden                                                                   
  13. Battle of the Bulge                                                                              
  14. Emergency Evacuation                                                                                    
  15. A Second Market Garden                                                                                                            
  16. Midnight Flight to Nuremberg                                                            
  17. Who was Franz Von Pappen?                                                             
  18. Victory in Europe                                                                                     
  19. The Post War Years                                                                             
  20. Harry’s “Last Flight West”   
  21. Letters to Junie, Danny and God                                                              
This is what Harry saw when he glanced up in response to the unfamiliar roar of jet engines during an emergency evacuation of a mobile hospital as it came under attack from the air and ground. He successfully lead 80% of his squadron, each plane loaded with wounded, doctors, nurses and medics, back to England and safety.
Imagine a sound louder than a railroad engine coming from behind you. You turn around just as a fully armed Messerschmitt 262 screams over your head.
The view Harry had to deal with in Blood Run To Orly.
Harry and his best friend Golden Lang were married in a dual ceremony shortly after graduation. This is a lighter moment. Junie is on top.

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