The CAPTURE OF the NAZI Who Put Adolph Hitler into Power.

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“An enthralling rollercoaster ride for history buffs.” Daniel Rhodes for The Book Commentary.

Escaping the Pennsylvania Coal Mines Meant Going Face-to-Face Against Hermann Göring’s Luftwaffe…Unarmed!

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Midnight Flight to Nuremberg is a historical, non-fiction recount of Harry E. Watson’s experiences during WWII. Black-and-white pictures placed strategically throughout the book range from personal photos of Harry and his comrades during the war, to representative images of what Harry had likely experienced. They provide a historically-accurate account which allows readers to actively visualize the story.  The author strikes a good balance between telling Harry’s story and providing interesting historical and military facts about WWII to vary the content and ensure that readers are not only entertained, but are learning something along the way.
The book begins with a brief prologue where the author describes how he was introduced to Harry and his general approach to interviewing his subject, something he clearly excels at. The prologue serves to frame the story and provide a glimpse at the author’s writing process and progression of his relationship with his subject. It will prove helpful when events in the book become so vivid that readers may forget it’s nonfiction.
One of the book’s central themes, establishing Harry as a self-proclaimed risk taker, is shown early via vivid stories from his early childhood, where 10-year-old Harry squirmed his way into abandoned coal mines in Western Pennsylvania to collect enough coal to warm his family’s home. Though he thought nothing of it at the time, the stories showcase Harry’s personality and set the stage for his military career. Though the compilation of Harry’s stories can easily stand alone, it is Harry himself who proves to be the heart and soul of the book. He is smart, meticulous, and dedicated, which he proves again and again through his actions during each mission. (EXCERPTED FROM THE FULL REVIEW BY THE BOOK REVIEW DIRECTORY. WWW.BOOKREVIEWDIRECTORY.COM

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“There’s nothing more thrilling and exciting than reading about World War II and how it changed the world. However, the part where you read about Harry’s involvement in capturing someone as influential and powerful as Franz Von Papen makes for an even more captivating read.”
“The surreal writing style and details made me feel as though I was right next to Harry, and a part of his journey. Midnight Flight to Nuremberg is easily one of Nannini’s most well-written and well-researched books; an enthralling rollercoaster ride for history buffs.” Daniel Rhodes for The Book Commentary.

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We found the narrative compelling” Julie Huggins, Assistant Editor, Smithsonian Books.

From: Dave Williams

To: Marcus A. Nannini

Subject: Midnight Flight to Nuremberg

“WOW! I don’t know what else to say. All through this book it felt like I was right there with Harry. It was amazing. Another home run. I Can’t wait for the next book!” Dave Williams

                                 Harry, you are missed.


The Capture of the Nazi who put Adolph Hitler into Power

(Pen & Sword Books Ltd, Barnsley, UK)

ISBN-10: 1526792737

ISBN-13: 978-15267922730

AISN: 1526792737

74,320 Words, 92 photographs

Marcus A. Nannini


Midnight Flight to Nuremberg details the WWII Experiences of C-47 Pilot/Instructor First Lieutenant Harry E. Watson, Jr., a veteran of 27 Combat Missions, recipient of three Air Medals, and seven Battle Stars. 

Just before Christmas, 1932, 10-year-old Harry Watson finds himself stuck, head-first, at the top of an abandoned coal mine. Fighting a blinding snowstorm, his mom struggles to the top of the rock pile, pushes Harry through the narrow opening and into the mineshaft, where he gathers enough coal to carry the family through the pending holidays.

Ever the risk-taker, Harry escaped the coal mines by joining the Army Air Corps in October 1940. When he embarked on his first solo flight, he nearly killed himself, inadvertently earning a reputation as being an exceptional pilot. Afterward, an observer confessed that he witnessed God sitting in the forward cockpit, though he was entirely alone when he landed. It was a turning point and established the basis of his spiritual development.

 When he earned a commission to Second Lieutenant, he immediately married a girl he met at the USO. Harry was quickly promoted to Flight Instructor, the youngest instructor on the airbase. His baby boy would be born while on combat duty in Europe. His boy was nearly two years old when Harry returned home.

Harry’s initial combat mission required delivery of two tons of whole blood, and nurses, to a just-captured airport outside of Paris, France. Choosing to ignore the order to return to base, he flew directly into “zero-zero” weather conditions. He wasn’t going to let down the scores of wounded waiting for him in France. Harry was the only pilot of 126 to complete the dangerous task. He safely returned to England with a plane loaded with critically wounded soldiers.

When a platoon of Patton’s tanks ran out of fuel, Harry was dispatched to the front line, without air or radar support, to deliver over 1,000 gallons of highly explosive gasoline before the Germans could exploit the situation. He was forced to spend a rainy and foggy night in a foxhole. Shortly after daybreak, he came face-to-face with a German Mark IV tank accompanied by 800 German infantry and assorted tanks, mechanized vehicles, and artillery. He survived to describe what it was like to stare directly down the barrel of a Mark IV Panzer tank.

Harry was later tasked to lead five planes to the front line and effect an emergency evacuation of a field hospital as it came under direct attack by elements of the “SS” and the Luftwaffe. There were significant losses during the evacuation, but, yet again, Harry survived, along with more than 100 casualties and hospital personnel.

Throughout his wartime experiences, including five “Market Garden” missions, he witnessed death, both at a distance and up-close. His wartime action grayed his hair and instilled within him a newfound belief there must be a God. He witnessed the deaths of scores of men, many of whom were friends, yet; somehow, he seemed to know where to guide his plane as others around him perished, which is why he was chosen to “volunteer” for the mission for which the book is named.

The story is also about growing up in a Depression-Era coal mining town. From simming into the river to hitch a ride on passing coal barges, to dodging railroad “dicks” and not having fifty cents to cover the cost of novocaine for a tooth extraction, the world young Harry Watson grew up in is recreated without bogging down in details.

During my interview process, I spent many extended weekends with Harry and his wife, Donna. I came to know the man and was delighted when Harry told me that reading my manuscript was “Like I’m living it all over again!”

This is what Harry saw when he glanced up in response to the unfamiliar roar of jet engines during an emergency evacuation of a mobile hospital as it came under attack from the air and ground. He successfully lead 80% of his squadron, each plane loaded with wounded, doctors, nurses and medics, back to England and safety.
Imagine a sound louder than a railroad engine coming from behind you. You turn around just as a fully armed Messerschmitt 262 screams over your head.
The view Harry had to deal with in Blood Run To Orly.
Marcus Nannini speaking at an American Legion event.

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