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World War II sagas and a Mystery/Thiller Series in the vein of The Hunt For Red October and The Eagle Has Landed.

Mr. Nannini’s Latest Award-Winning World War II Book Left for Dead at Nijmegen (Casemate Publishers, Oxford, U.K. & Philadelphia, PA) won 2019 Nonfiction Book of the Year, was entered into the United States National Archives in July 2019, and earned plaudits from Germany, Holland, The United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA.




Gene Metcalfe quit high school to join the 82nd Airborne only to find himself wedged between machine gun-toting “SS” fanatics while being interrogated by the notorious Nazi, Heinrich Himmler.

“Some savvy screenplay writer will inevitably snag the rights to this one. The comic relief is already built into the suspense-driven plot. The story is just the right size for a movie in an industry struggling to break-away from comic book heroes into the genuine article.” Casey Quyn for Manhattan Book Review

“Told in the matter-of-fact tone of a college essay, the book is a page turner, full of coincidence, narrow escapes, and tension worthy of a Hollywood film.” Reedsy Discovery.

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The Secret Mission to Snatch the Man who put Adolph Hitler into Power.

Nannini’s second WW II nonfiction masterpiece, Midnight Flight to Nuremberg, is presently in professionally edited manuscript form. (74,000 words with 80 photos, maps, and documents.)

In the opening scene 1st Lieutenant Harry Watson flies through rain and fog, seeking to resupply a desperate platoon of Patton’s tanks that ran out of fuel. Upon landing, he finds himself within hailing distance of an armored regiment of the Wehrmacht desperate to break-out and return to their lines. Following a close encounter with German tanks, Harry manages to escape to his base in England after successfully resupplying the tanks.

Chapter Two finds 10-year-old Harry being pushed through a tight opening in an abandoned coal mine by his mother so he might gather enough coal to take the family through the pending 1932 Christmas Holiday. The flashback continues as the story tracks his life through flight training, during which he becomes the youngest flight instructor on the base and into the European Theater of Operations, but not before he turns down a nomination to West Point.

Upon his arrival in England, he immediately displays his keen navigational skills along with his penchant for taking chances, a trait that will earn him several hair-raising missions. A midnight flight behind enemy lines falls to Harry, the only pilot his Squadron Commander believes can do the job. There’s nothing to prevent you from negotiating an option today.

Mystery/Thriller Series

Nannini models his Mystery/Thriller series after Jack Higgin’s wildly successful Sean Dillon saga. The first novel is a well-researched piece of creative nonfiction, similar to Jack Higgins’s The Eagle Has Landed and thoroughly blurs the line between reality and fantasy.


Book One

BOOK TITLE: NINE MEN DOWN, the Silent Invasion of Oahu.

A retired Japanese businessman on Oahu fears for his life after the discovery of a gravesite linking him to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The opening scene is set within the hot, damp confines of a Japanese midget submarine sitting on the floor of Pearl Harbor, the morning of December 7, 1941. As the crew prepares to fire its torpedoes at the battleships West Virginia and Oklahoma, the action moves to the aft steering compartment of the Oklahoma.

At their battle stations in the aft steering compartment, deep in the bowels of the Oklahoma, several sailors nervously discuss their options as the ship lists further to port and the water rises above their ankles. Immediately after experiencing a particularly loud explosion, the mighty battleship begins to roll over and the trapped men soon find themselves standing on the ceiling.

The captain of the sub raises the periscope and watches as scores of sailors jump for their lives as the battleship rolls over. The atmosphere in the sub immediately evolves from exuberance to grim contemplation.

In Kailua, Oahu, many decades later, the excavation of a private pool yields the surprise unearthing of a mysterious skeleton. To the chagrin of  Roman Reardon, an Admiral stationed at nearby Pearl Harbor, the skeleton proves to be that of a crew member of the Japanese midget sub.

The U.S. Navy investigative Team anchoring the mystery/thriller series undertakes the task of solving the mystery. The reader is soon tracking three storylines, one begins in 1930’s Japan, covers World War II, the Korean Conflict, and carries through to the present time.

A second storyline is that of a brilliant, but flawed female reporter who does her best to disrupt the navy Team. She is a character who will continue into the series.

A third storyline follows the progress of the Navy Team as they methodically solve the mystery of the skeleton. Eventually, all three converge, yielding unpredictable results along with the introduction of the Team’s future adversaries. Nine Men Down is 105,000 words with 25 well-placed photographs and, as with all of Nannini’s works, was written with an eye towards the big Screen.

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Book Two



During December 7, 1941, memorial ceremonies at Pearl Harbor, a pair of heavily armed attack helicopters sweep in, hell-bent on wreaking havoc.

Amidst the splendor of a Kona coffee farm situated alongside the crater of a dormant volcano, four men plot the murder of an NSA agent. Years earlier, two of them had a chance meeting with Admiral Roman Reardon, setting off Reardon’s personal alarm, a twitching right eye.

Reardon soon dispatches his hand-picked investigative Team, led by Commander Christopher Pastwa and Lt. Commander Ania Yamura, to the Big Island. Initially tasked with investigating irregularities in the U.S. Customs office, they would be distracted by the discovery of not one, but a series of particularly cruel murders.

Asuka Fuchida, the Hawaii County Coroner, becomes involved when one of the victims proves to be a life-long friend. Fuchida’s deductive reasoning skills and personal charm convince Pastwa to bring her into the investigation.

Mike Clarke, Pastwa’s donut loving aide, Lt. Stephanie Ferguson, and Master Gunnery Sergeant Mike Wolf round-out the Navy Team. Their investigation takes them to a midnight full moon celebration at a nude beach, the Rainforest Zoo, where an 800-pound white tiger makes a late-night dinner of an NSA agent, a firefight on an abandoned road with the roaring Pacific as a backdrop, into upscale restaurants and sleazy bars.

Almost too late, they discover their adversaries are more sophisticated than previously perceived when they learn three fully armed attack helicopters have been hijacked from a Big Island military base. To their horror, their objective is the supercarrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, her flight deck full of 1,000s of sailors and dignitaries partaking in the annual December 7, 1941, memorial ceremonies.

The Team was unaware one of the helicopters was not destined for Pearl Harbor; its target being the sole power plant serving the entire island of Oahu. While Navy and Air Force fighters hunt down the first two choppers, one of which uses the towering Waikiki Beach hotels for cover, the third chopper has a clear path to the power plant.

The Navy Team barely manages to prevent an outright catastrophe, partially due to blind luck. However, they find themselves facing a handful of unanswered questions, among them the fact they can’t account for all of the attackers, nor ascertain the identity of most of them. The loose-ends remain open until the next book.

Geographic Treachery is 104,000 words with five photos. There’s no better time to negotiate an Option than during pre-publication.


Book Three


An International incident on the Big Island leads a Navy investigation team in the wrong direction as plans to sink a passenger liner proceed full speed ahead.


The Revolutionary War was raging when Captain Cook’s little flotilla visited the Big Island of Hawaii. The circumstances of his unfortunate death set the stage for an international incident at the site of Captain Cook’s Monument in present-day Hawaii.

The Aussie, a vigorously brutal enforcer first introduced in Nine Men Down, dominates the opening scene. Two murders, in quick succession, broadcast to the Navy Team an old adversary has returned and serves as an invitation to come after him. One of the victims is an officer in the Royal Australian Navy, which draws a crusty Australian Admiral into the scene and lends further insight into the Aussie’s background.

Though the body of the Australian officer is discovered on the Big Island, it’s on land considered to be the sovereign soil of the United Kingdom. The Australian Navy refuses to grant the Hawaii County police access to the scene, nor can the Australians remove the body because local police have brought in several patrol boats to block them. Neither side will budge, until the arrival of Admiral Reardon, a long time friend of the Australian Admiral and Dr. Fuchida, the local Coroner. 

Eventually, the Navy Team, with some fresh additions, joins with Dr. Fuchida and the Australian Admiral in a multi-island search for the Aussie. Unbeknownst to them, the Aussie is merely a diversion; the subversives from Geographic Treachery are as dangerous as ever and they’ve hatched a plot to torpedo a passenger liner when she’s still many hours from her destination, Hilo.

          Ensign Milani Parisi rejoins the Team after recuperating from injuries sustained in Geographic Treachery; she’s a traitor continuing to elude detection. Parisi cleverly steers Reardon to what he believes is a rendezvous with an informant, only to discover he’s been set up. The wounds Parisi suffers in the ensuing gunfight in which Reardon is killed, continue to shield her from discovery.

 Commander Pastwa and his Team investigate each murder, hunting down the perpetrators, most of whom don’t go down without a fight. But the Aussie proves elusive; where could he have disappeared?

A series of surprise twists lead to the discovery of the plot to sink the passenger liner, though not necessarily in time. With the Team’s attention diverted to the imperiled passenger liner, the Aussie slips away and finds Clarke and Fuchida in the telescopic sight of his sniper rifle.

Vigorous Brutality is projected to be 105,000 words and is presently about six months from completion.

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Book Four (4) in the series is not yet titled.



Trapped by the German Blitzkrieg of Holland, 15 year old Martin van Dyke begins 5 years of life on the run from the Gestapo.

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